Private ZOO tours in Miami
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Private ZOO tours in Miami

Here is your chance to meet many of engaging and exotic animal stars the way you’ve always wanted!

Throughout your intimate General Wildlife Encounter Tour at five-acre facility, you get to see and even hold many of exotic animal ambassadors. Some will be in their enclosures and habitat; some of them will be taken out of their enclosures for you to interact with.

Experience seeing a beautiful and magnificent Toco Toucan eat his favorite blueberry treats. Meet adorable baby Gibbons and Capuchin Monkeys. See crocodiles, large and baby cats and birds too. From lions and tigers to ravens and macaws…there is much to see and experience!

You can add 5 to 15 minute interaction session at the end of your tour with:

  • Cloud Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Tiliger
  • Serval
  • Grizzly Bear and more…

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