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U.S. Taxes and Taxation

Advice in selecting the best legal form of business organization in the USA (corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, etc.) See also Opening Companies in the USA.

Planning and creating the most tax efficient holding structures (including offshore structures)

Tax planning for non-resident investors, in order to avoid U.S. taxes and avoid double taxation, including:

  • - Minimizing withholding tax on rental and sale of real estate
  • - Obtaining a Tax Identification Number for Non-Residents (ITIN)

Tax planning for non-residents who plan to become a resident (green card, business immigration). See also: "EB-5 Investor Visa"

Withholding tax refunds on casino winnings for non-residents

Tax planning for residents and citizens with commercial interests abroad and minimizing double taxation

Full accounting and tax support for legal entities and individuals in the United States

Representation of taxpayers before the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

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